Jasmine + Calen

Jasmine and Calen flew in to Oregon to be able to celebrate their wedding with family and friends that weren’t able to fly out of state. They planned it all from looking at online images and tons of google searches and it couldn’t have came together more perfectly. Their wedding was at a cute little chapel in Sherwood, OR called Oaks Pioneer Church. It had the most majestic stained glass windows, gorgeous wooden benches, and a rich history within it. Jasmine walked down the aisles and everyone was gleaming with big smiles. They were in such awe of one another and soaking in all the love and warm wishes from their friends and families. Everyone meaningful to them all under one roof was such a blessing, especially since many of them had to travel on plane to be there for their day.

The officiant for their wedding drove 2 1/2 hours from central Oregon to be there as well. He was hands down the best I’ve heard at a wedding. He said so many things that stuck with me and made everyone in there laugh a handful of times in the short ceremony he gave. I’ll leave you all with my favorite line he said: You’re making a promise today to love the person that’s right in front of you every day - not what your partner was like when you were dating or the person you hope they’ll become. You’ll grow together, and change more times than you can count, but loving them unconditionally for the person they are at the present is what the promise of marriage is about.